Forbes: The Machiavellian CIO

Interessanter Artikel von Tina Nunno, die den CIO unter den Gesichtspunkten des Philosophen Niccolò Machiavelli betrachtet. Sie ist die Autorin des Buches  The Wolf in CIO’s Clothing, A Machiavellian Strategy for Successful IT Leadership (Gartner, Inc., October 2013)

„The CIO’s territory is no longer the basement data center; it now has the potential to reach as far as the technology does […]

But for CIOs, the ultimate animal is the Wolf — an ideal balance of an intelligent, social creature that can inspire loyal followership and create group affinity, as well as a ruthless predator that can lead a pack of strong fighters, win in a competitive environment and command a large territory. As CIOs learn to cultivate their wolf qualities to lead highly complex IT organizations, power plays a starring role.“


Christian Schwaiger

Head of Corporate EAM & Enterprise Architect | Profile: XING, Twitter, LinkedIn